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Reboot Your Mind
Replenish Your Body
Revitalize Your Spirit

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Lifestyle Coaching

What obstacles get in the way of living your best life?  Are you ready to reclaim your health and vitality without the struggle and overwhelm?  Coaching reveals your inner wisdom and moves you beyond obstacles to achieve your unique lifestyle goals.

Stress Solutions

Stress has been called the equal opportunity destroyer.  Did you know that beyond wearing you out, chronic stress can impact your immune system, digestion, brain health, weight, and more? You can tame stress with new relaxion and coping skills!

Group Workshops

Group programs and workshops are a fun and interactive approach to learning and experiencing new health, wellness, and integrative lifestyle strategies.  Come to a scheduled workshop or customize a program for your group on your topic of interest.

Learn More in a Discovery Call

Join me for a free, no-stress, no-obligation, 30 minute phone discovery session & see what possibilities may unfold for you!

What People Are Saying

“Coaching sessions with Christine left me feeling empowered, and believing in myself.   I was able to move forward with confidence and overcome the areas where I was stuck.   I highly recommend her!  Thank You Christine!” Katey K.

Massage Therapist, Wellfit Wellness Services

“Coaching with Christine has been a healing experience for me. Through her skilled listening and direction I have been able to find peace from a bad family situation and go forward with positive intent. I know it was the tapping EFT that you guided me through. Thank you!” Linda B.

Registered Nurse

“Christine Gentry has been my holistic life coach since February 2017. She really hears what I’m saying and what I’m not saying. She gets it, and she helps me reach clarity and find my authentic voice. She is very easy to talk to, very caring and compassionate. Through her coaching and knowledge of natural health, wellness and healing she has helped me advance in my journey to health and wholeness. When we work together I feel very connected at a deep heart level. I would highly recommend Christine to anyone desiring to reduce stress levels, improve health, increase clarity, just generally feel better about self and life.” Rita C.

Registered Nurse

“Having Christine as my coach and mentor has given me so much clarity around the issues I’ve been coached on. She has the gift of really hearing what I’m saying and her understanding and insightful questioning, enables me to explore and discover the answers myself. Christine’s compassion and wisdom creates a very safe space for me to share whatever is concerning me. I also have benefited from having to be accountable to her – it’s made me do the work between coaching sessions to get the results that I really desire. Having Christine as your coach is the most positive step you could take to improve your life and wellbeing.!” Jacquelyn A.

Life Coach

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”   Maya Angelou


Journaling Can Positively Influence Health

How Journaling Can Positively Influence Health Journaling isn't just for teens anymore. Science has shown that keeping a daily log of your day has a lot more benefits to it than merely creating a place to dump your deepest thoughts in private. You don’t need to be a...

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SMART Goals Versus Resolutions for 2018

SMART Goals for Success It's the eve of a new year and desire for change may be on your mind. Words have power and I find the word "goals" much more positive and appealing than the word "resolutions." Consider this-goals are something specific...

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Thriving through Holidays and Beyond

Thriving or Surviving?   To thrive is to live to your full potential, with vitality and a sense of purpose, to grow and to flourish. Most would surely prefer to live their lives this way but instead we see evidence of people operating in survival mode all around us....

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1 Tasty Eating Upgrade with Big Benefits

There are so many eating styles you can choose to nourish your body and that’s awesome because one size doesn’t fit all in in most things!  But there is one big upgrade most everyone can benefit from that can improve your health by lowering your risk of chronic...

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Partnering with an Integrative Coach-What Could Be in it for Me?

There are common misconceptions about what the term “coaching” means and if you do an Internet search on the word “coach” you will likely come up with a wide variety of definitions depending upon the context of the sites you review.  So for a moment, think about what...

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